American Anthropology

American Anthropology 101

by Lindsey Eck

We’ve got to reach out to all the primitive thinkers
Give ’em our greatest respect
Honor their traditions and customs
As a treasure we gotta protect
If it worked in the days of Abraham
It’ll work for us here in the promised land
Such beautiful stories
I don’t care which ones are correct

The earth is just 6,000 years old
If you say any different there’s a curse on your soul
And Adam used to run with the dinosaurs
So clear them fossils right out of the stores
Cover the women and don’t let them speak
Traditional ways   this situation’s unique
Underage weddings   multiple wives
Schooled in a compound like bees in a hive

They must deserve a tax deduction
For the work they undoubtedly do
The only ones in our community
Taking in the troubled youth
Giving ’em a strong dose of discipline
Long, hard days in the camp
Better not get caught with a video game
Or you’re away on the bus like a tramp

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