Lindsey Eck Lyrics

1 Too Big to Fail
2 Identity
From the forthcoming Blue Oak album By Night By Day By Night
1 Night Glidin’
2 Serial Lover
A IH-69
B Road Rage
C Highway Treasures
4 Bad for Business
5 Everybody Calls You Rain
6 Good Morning, Midnight
7 Cincinnati Daddy and Louisiana Jan
8 She’s Virtually Real
From the forthcoming Blue Oak album American Anthropology
1 American Anthropology 101
2 You’re on an Island
3 Blue Lights, Black Bibles
4 There’s Nobody on My Side
5 Teach Myself Not to Love You
6 New Year’s Eve
7 Wing to Wing
8 I Don’t Believe in Love
9 Wire
9 Every Rebel Statue
10 Zombies vs. Werewolves
Also of Interest
Celtic Tiger
Bennies for Buddies
The Ballad of Ricky Williams
Latin lyrics from Missa Austiniensis with translation by the composer
I Kyrie Eleison
II Gloria
III Credo
IV Sanctus & Benedictus
V Agnus Dei
Lyrics to The Sermon on the Mount (contemporary verse based on Matthew 5–7)