American Anthropology

You’re on an Island

by Lindsey Eck

You’re on an island
I’m out on the plains
You’re on a piling
while I stare at a train
I hope you stay dry
while I’m pining for rain
   You’re on an island
   I’m on the mainland
   Elemental moon on the wane

You’re on an island
with walls all around
watching the liners
that are crossing the sound
You’ve got something of mine
I hope you like what you found
   You’re on an island
   I hope you are smiling
   I hope nothing is running aground

You’re on an island
Come back ashore
Just for a while
like a lifetime or more
Nautical miles
more than ever before
   You’re on an island
   The prairie is silent
   until I hear your knock at my door

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